About Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill is a Fascist, theorist and author who is currently the leader of Fascist movement, National Liberation. Bonehill advocates White Rights, Freedom of Speech, Eugenics and is not afraid to point the finger at the Jew.

Bonehill is also Britain’s only Non-elected MP. In 2015 Bonehill declared himself as MP for the constituency of Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire. Under Bonehill’s National Liberation, the duty of MP is a “Member of the People” as opposed to the traditional democratic meaning.


Described as an “Rising star of the right-wing” by various media outlets, for the past two years Joshua has been working on spreading the good message through his nationalist news outlet, Daily Bale News.

The Daily Bale has served as a political offensive in an ideological war of two sides. Through effective, modern and popular techniques, Joshua is able to bring British Nationalism into the homes of millions through use of his media website.


Realising that cultural Marxist media and news outlets would never portray the Nationalist movement in a positive light, Joshua created his own media outlet instead.

Bonehill briefly ran his own Nationalist platform called National British Resistance which saw him speak at various meetings throughout the UK to popular support. In 2014, the National British Resistance came to an end and now Joshua is looking to the future with his new movement, National Liberation.


Joshua is passionate about Free Speech and believes that it will play a strong role in the future of British Nationalism.

Alongside Free Speech, Joshua is working to expose the vast cultural Marxist Jewish conspiracy at the heart of our government to which he has put his own freedom at risk on more than one occasion.

Now Joshua is taking a step in the right direction as he leads the way forward to a victorious Nationalist Future where the folk will once again be put first.

In 2015, Bonehill announced his Liberate Stamford Hill demonstration and protest against the illegal and undemocratic Jewish Shomrim Police operating in London. After this, he set up his new movement “National Liberation”

Later in 2015, Bonehill announced his plans to march upon Golders Green in London to further promote his Anti-Jewification campaign and oppose the Shomrim Police.



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