Coven of Parliamentarian Jews attempt to stop Golders Green Demonstration

We’re fully aware that the Jewish Occupied Government – (JOG) is attempting to stop our demonstration in Golders Green. We have already made our position perfectly clear in response to this colluding–the demonstration will go ahead regardless, we do not recognise the authority of Parliamentarians over us the people.

A coven of Jews gather on Monday to protest against Anti-Jewification
A coven of Jews gather on Monday to protest against Anti-Jewification

Speaking at the Westminster conference on UK-Israel Shared Strategies on Monday, Sally Sealey, senior policy adviser on hate crime at the Department of Communities and Local Government, said: “Because of the Human Rights Act we cannot ban the rally, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t in negotiations to see if the process can be moved – and we are in negotiations about it as we speak.”

“The government has been very clear that a group of neo-Nazis marching through Golders Green is not ideal. Rest assured we are working on that.” She was responding to comments by the Board of Deputies’ chief executive Gillian Merron, who observed that often “the fear of anti-Semitism is harder to measure than actual anti- Semitic acts.”

With just over a week away until the demonstration on Saturday 4th of July, rest assured that organisers are fully committed to seeing the event go ahead without any problems. We are not in the least bothered about what a group of Parliamentarians think about our actions and will continue the Anti-Jewification initiative with the full support of the English people.

With gathering interest in our Anti-Jewification initiative, we are expecting a good headcount on July 4th. Further demonstrations will also gather more support and eventually a movement will be built. We will be looking to announce our next demonstration after the proceedings of July 4th have been carried out in what promises to be a truly successful day.

Joshua Bonehill


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