How to understand Marxism and efficiently combat it

People spend far too much time attempting to legitimise Marxism as a form of worthy opposition to the people’s natural nationalism. You see a lot of Right-Wing activists attempting to debate with Marxists as if there was some form of common ground they were hoping to reach. This really is deluded, Marxism is a pestilence and should never be legitimised as worthy opposition.


Aside from the principles or Marxist theory as outlined by Jew Karl Marx, Marxism has evolved into a deadly strain of disease which today we know as ‘Cultural Marxism’.

Cultural Marxism knows no loyalty to either the Left or the Right–only surfacing itself by form of antagonistic behavior or provocative manipulation in degenerative individuals. Everybody is susceptible to Cultural Marxist brainwashing as the rhetoric is published through every single facet imaginable–from education to the global newsmedia, Cultural Marxism is everywhere.

The bent religion of Cultural Marxism often exhibits a great deal of hypocrisy when put into practice by the Left-Wing. This hypocrisy was evident after the Left-Wing switched sides from supporting Palestine against Israel to supporting Israel against Palestine in recent years. The Left are completely blind to their own hypocrisy and will side with anything that they perceive to give them a platform or temporary position of power.

A great example of Left-Wing cultural Marxist hypocrisy can be found in the British Labour Party. Under the leadership of Ed Miliband–just a few months ago–the Labour Party were anti an EU referendum. Now we see the Labour Party calling for a referendum and abandoning their ideological standpoint.

This is why you should never attempt to debate with Marxists–they don’t actually believe anything they preach. Debating with the Left-Wing is like debating with a brick wall, your voice will not penetrate the wall. Equally you should never answer any questions given to you by the Left, they are not an authority or in any position to question our ideology.

Marxists will attempt to take the side of anything that they perceive has the power to antagonise you–even pretending to support Nationalism as to provoke conflict and infighting within our movement.

The only thing the Marxists understand is violence, a good healthy dosage of wanton violence is the antidote to curing the corrupted and ill Marxist activist. If you happen to live in a country where hurting the Marxists with violence is illegal then you should refrain from implementing it.

The only other means of combating Marxism is by systematic humiliation and exposure of their lives. Marxists who use the internet tend to use anonymity because they don’t want people in reality knowing what they get up to. I have always been very fond of the website ‘Redwatch’, which was set up to name and shame Marxists publicly by posting high resolution photographs of their faces alongside their home addresses.

Most of us now carry smartphones with decent cameras, in a country where guns are banned the smartphone becomes your personal firearm. In a situation where you have ascertained that a Marxist is present, simply pull out your smartphone–ensure that flash is equipped–and begin to photograph the Marxist closely. If the Marxist touches you then you are permitted lawfully to defend yourself and then you can ring the police and have him taken away on assault charges.

Whilst the parasitic Marxist is festering in a police cell, simply upload your photograph of it’s face to the Internet and spread it like wildfire.

Joshua Bonehill

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