Golders Green: Coalition of Labour MPs petition Home Secretary to stop us from demonstrating

Not that we actually legitimise or take seriously this minor coalition of Non-White Labour Party MPs trying to stop us, I feel it is necessary to reiterate our standpoint in this demonstration.


In response to this article posted in Israel’s National News which outlines a coalition of degenerates attempting to deny us of free speech:

Should the Home Secretary or the Government move to stop our democratic and lawful demonstration against the Jewification of London then I will immediately initiate a new demonstration. In the name of Free Speech–a fundamental civil right–I personally shall march from Yeovil to Golders Green in London in defiance of any ban imposed.

Our voice–the voice of the common folk–shall be heard and our message spread throughout these isles regardless of state persecution or intimidation. These lands–that now native folk such as myself have been banished from walking upon–have been occupied by our people since ancient times and never will we compromise for tyranny.

There are 129 miles between Yeovil and London–I am banned from entering London–and I am prepared to walk by foot every step of the way in protest if necessary.

In the event that the Metropolitan police moves to arrest me then I will be more than happy to accompany them to London so that a court case can be heard within a Magistrates Court in Golders Green. This in itself would be an ideal situation, given that I would be freely able to enter London, albeit in the back of a police car.

This is our position and we will not move from it–the demonstration in Golders Green will go ahead on July 4th and there is nothing the opposition can possibly do to stop us.

Joshua Bonehill

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